The Artisan Effect


Our architectural designs are showcased in commercial properties and grace estates in some of the most prestigious neighborhoods across the United States as well as in Europe. It’s worth pointing out, regardless of the location or the project involved, that those who commission G&C Ornamental Inc. at minimum share one thing the appreciation of a truly authentic, custom crafted product.

At G&C Ornamental Inc., we do not use any prefabricated components, nor do we rely on other vendors to complete any part of our projects. Our full offering of artisans, who are skilled in hand forging iron, casting both iron and bronze work, in addition to practicing woodworking, enable us to keep all phases in-house from start to finish.

While we have completed hundreds of successful projects from consultation through production employing our own designers who have worked with leading architects, builders and designers, as well as private clients the highly personalized process of working with G&C Ornamental Inc. and the very nature of handcrafted construction ensures that the end result is a unique creation, a fine example of the art of hand forged wrought iron and bronze works.